Explore the advantage that knowledge gives

Research is key to career planning and a successful and targeted job search.

To succeed, you will need to:

  • Research your target industry/sectors: To demonstrate interest in a sector, you need to understand the main players and industry trends and size. Knowledge of the trade associations is also very helpful.
  • Research the companies that meet your criteria (e.g. culture, size, location): The basic information you need to know about a company you are targeting includes: industry trends, market conditions, business challenges, corporate culture and recent press coverage.
  • Research your target functional areas: Self-assessment will have given you a great understanding of your key strengths, style, competencies, expertise, goals, motivators, values and interests. By researching the different types of work people do within different sectors and companies, you can start to understand what kinds of jobs would best meet your objectives.
  • Research the decision makers in your target functional areas: The decision maker is the person you ultimately want to get in front of so it is essential that you know who you are targeting.

Job search resources

You can find a number of guides and research resources in the Alumni Library.

Contact Alumni Careers: alumnicareercentre@london.edu

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