Unlocking job opportunities

When only a small percentage of jobs are advertised, networking can be the best way to unlock the right career move.

Networking is the systematic process of developing and nurturing a web of relationships that have the potential for mutual benefit, such as information, advice, feedback, guidance and counsel.

Networking as a long-term investment

Effective networking is about building relationships over time, not simply connecting with people for short-term gain. It needs to be a way of life and integrated into everything you do, not an activity undertaken only when you are job hunting. Most importantly, networking is not about asking everyone you know to give you a job. It is about widening your circle, getting to know more people and, crucially, being known by more people.

Networking is a long-term investment, one that can contribute to your professional success as well as your career planning and job search at every stage.

Networking to find job opportunities

Talking to people who work in your target areas is the best way to find out more about the reality of those types of job.

Once you have your base of knowledge about a career area and know why you are interested and what you have to offer, networking is a powerful way to find opportunities. Used correctly, your network will lead you to the hidden job market.

Networking to prepare for interviews

Information on company culture, major issues affecting the organisation, even background information on the people who will be interviewing you, can all be sourced through contacts that you have developed in your target organisations.

Networking to gather salary information

Once you have landed your job offer, you need to have accurate data to support your salary negotiations. You can gather up-to-date information on market rates from your contacts in the sector.

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