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Technology, Media and Telecoms

Technological convergence coupled with the rapid development of new technologies through three underlying themes of digital data, widespread connectivity (quicker broadband, tablet/smartphone technology, cloud computing) and advances in processor speeds have opened up many opportunities within this sector. Technology includes consumer electronics, eCommerce, fintech, IT hardware, software and services. Media includes advertising, gaming, online content, TV, film, print and publishing.


Careers in this sector vary from technical roles, such as project management, to business development, marketing, finance and operations. Although experience in the sector is beneficial, it is not essential. Building a brand via social media is important if you do not have direct experience. Demonstrate your fit for an opportunity by showing strong understanding of the industry/company and the latest challenges it is facing. Although you will not be required to write code, it is beneficial to learn the basics of SQL, HTML and Python.


Fintech, also known as financial technology, is an industry that uses technology to make financial services more efficient. Fintech companies cover a wide range of sub-industries, from crowdfunding, digital banking and peer-to-peer lending to financial planning and digital wealth management. Fintech companies also operate in payments, data collection, insurance, education lending, blockchain/bitcoin and even real estate.


Many of the firms working in this sector operate in a startup environment and require employees to work in a very small team, across departments and job roles. It is a good sector for people who want to be constantly challenged and out of their comfort zone. Resilience skills and the ability to bounce back from adversity are essential. Fintech is very different from the traditional finance sector as the industry is still young, fast growing and innovative. A lot of the firms see themselves as a fast-growth tech firms rather than finance companies.


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