Create your own course – start your own business

Find out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur and use our resources to help you succeed in this exciting role.

Do you have vision, drive, self-confidence, tenacity and tolerance of ambiguity? Are you highly motivated and have a strong work ethic? Are you alert to opportunities and want to make an impression on the world?

If so, then London Business School opens up a range of career paths for the would-be entrepreneur to choose from.

What is an entrepreneur?

Forget the myths that entrepreneurs are born; they are not. Whether someone does or does not become an entrepreneur is a function of environment, life experiences and personal choices. Entrepreneurs are risk-takers; think whether you want to change the world in some good way and look to see whether you have the qualities to be an entrepreneur.

Helping you become an entrepreneur

We do not teach you to be an entrepreneur. Instead, we provide you with the tools, techniques and skills that will help you to succeed. Against the background of growing entrepreneurial activity across the world, an increasing number of LBS alumni start their own business or join a startup.

LBS brings together the support of four different communities that are integrated to provide you with a unique range of support and resource to facilitate your journey.

Contact Jane Khedair, Entrepreneurship Manager, Career Centre, at, who can give you access to:

  • the Entrepreneurship Roadmap to give you a term-by-term breakdown of the full range of support that's available
  • the Entrepreneurs Calendar so that you don't miss out on what's happening in and around campus
  • the brochure for our Entrepreneur Mentor in Residence (EMiR) programme.

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