Our vision

Continued business impact


At London Business School, we strive to have a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world. Our communal spirit creates an environment where we support and inspire, helping our people achieve their fullest potential.

We challenge how things are done and we teach our students to constantly question and innovate. We believe in providing our students with the most diverse, world-class and rewarding business education in the world.

Over four decades, our graduates have increased tenfold and our executive programme participants twenty fold. One thousand alumni have become more than 42,000, with 113 alumni clubs stretching across every continent.


Global growth

We nurture our students to challenge the status quo, to question the norm and to develop the skills to become the world’s best business leaders. Over the years we have adopted a truly global outlook tackling challenges faced by international businesses and their leaders.


Since 1964, we have extended our global footprint to Dubai, Hong Kong and New York. Our world class London Business School Executive Education programme reaches 8,000 participants each year and is delivered in 35 countries around the world.  


World-class people

We nurture a courageous attitude in our people: to question the norm and not be afraid to admit they do not always have the answer. We draw energy and ideas from our immensely diverse community, while respecting individual and cultural values. Our faculty, students and alumni are engaged, passionate and ambitious:  determined to push boundaries and experiment.

We are constantly evolving to reflect the ever-changing business landscape; always looking to improve and explore new avenues. That’s why we will continue to influence how the world does business, for generations to come.


We have over 130 world-leading core faculty members representing over 30 countries. Our faculty are influential experts who generate a wealth of thought leadership by combining the best of academia and real world problem-solving. We are at the forefront of business expertise, now and for generations to come.