In celebration of our 50th anniversary, our Executive Education faculty and thought leaders share their latest research and insights to help you tackle uncertainty and thrive in your role.

A Day of Executive Education

From thriving during times of uncertainty to health tips for peak personal performance, and from influencing skills to building a confident organisation, our Executive Education faculty share their latest insights.

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Executive Education Faculty Legacy

Our faculty members are world-class business experts and leaders. But what are they best known for when it comes to teaching on Executive Education programmes? We asked them to share their legacy, biggest impact and their future hopes.

Faculty thought leadership articles



Think differently: rewire your brain

Cristina Escallón reveals the science behind decision-making, memory and emotions – and how to train your brain to make smarter, calmer decisions.

The art of business

Business problems benefit from an artistic as well as a scientific perspective.

Management: how hard can it be?

Nobody sets out to be a horrible boss but getting the best out of people isn’t easy. Julian Birkinshaw explores the gap between management ideals and reality.

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Arm yourself with the tools to tackle uncertainty.

How to get what you want using decoys and deliberations

Professor Madan Pillutla on influencing people to choose what you want them to, and how deliberation style alters group decisions.

6 tips for lasting change

You’ve figured out what needs to change in your organisation. How can you get it to happen?

How to convince people you have a good idea

Your big idea isn’t going to sell itself. Here’s how to persuade everyone else that it’s great.


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