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Our key policies and the legislative requirements they meet.

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Legislation complied with: Freedom of Information Act 2000
Content: sets out details of the types of information we will routinely make available.

London Business School's Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Contact for enquiries: Deputy School Secretary.

Data Protection Notice

Legislation complied with: Data Protection Act 1998
explains how we handle personal data responsibly in accordance with our role as a registered data controller.
Contact for enquiries: Data Compliance Manager

London Business School's Data Protection Notice (PDF, 121KB)

Privacy Statement

Legislation complied with: Data Protection Act 1998

Content: our privacy statement that applies to all London Business School sites and services (but not to external sites, which will have their own statements).

London Business School’s Privacy Statement 

Take-Down Policy: addressing copyright concerns

Legislation complied with: UK copyright law
Content: our policy for the removal of content from any of our websites due to infringement of third-party intellectual property rights. To speed up the process, we ask that you comply with the provisions set out in this Take-Down Policy.
Contact for enquiries: Head of Library & School Copyright Officer

Take-Down Policy: Addressing Copyright Concerns

Diversity and equality information

Legislation complied with: The Public Sector Equality Duty of the Equality Act (2010) (which requires public bodies to publish relevant equality information by 31st January each year).
Content: Our diversity annual report, objectives and code of practice, which outline the steps we are taking to further and strengthen our diversity.
Contact for enquiries: Assistant Director, Faculty HR.


Legislation complied with: The UK Climate Change Act 2008
Content: Our sustainability Policy and Carbon Management Plan, which commit the School to promoting awareness of – and engagement in – sustainable development among our student body (of business leaders) staff members and faculty.
Contact for enquiries: School Secretary or Head of Estates

Open Access Policy

Legislation complied with: open access policies set by all major funders including HEFCE, following recommendations set out in the Finch report (2012).
Content: Our policy for complying with the new open access requirements and ensuring publically-funded research undertaken at the School is openly accessible.
Contact for enquiries:

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