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Matt Collet - Head of Diversified Sectors, Career Centre



I help students explore the opportunities available to them

LBS students have traditionally gone on to work in areas like banking and private equity, and people come here with preconceptions about the kind of business they want to go into. But it’s my job to suggest paths that they might not otherwise have considered, to give them a diverse range of options across different sectors. From automotive to aviation to mining and healthcare – the list is endless. We never try and nudge people down a particular route, though. We simply try and provide as many exciting opportunities as we can.

I’m changing people’s perceptions of LBS

Because we’ve got a long history of turning out people for financial services and management consultancy, companies from the diversified sectors we’re targeting haven’t traditionally recruited from LBS. A big part of our job is reaching out to them and explaining the value that our students can bring. We work to understand what they’re looking for: will they benefit from our more experienced MBA graduates? Can we help them with their recruitment? It’s about building sustainable partnerships.

I’m learning as I go

In my previous role I was managing a team based all around the world. Now I’m working directly with a team in-house so it’s a very different experience. I’m learning how to manage people better face-to-face and am gaining a broader understanding of different sectors and how to engage with them. It’s an enlightening experience, and I really value having the opportunity to broaden my skills.

I’m part of a diverse, talented team

Working as part of a team has really opened my eyes to the different skills and abilities people can bring to the table. Everyone has something to offer and it’s great when we all come together to get the job done. I’m not from a recruitment background so it’s really inspiring seeing how all these seasoned professionals engage companies to talk about talent and talent acquisition. It’s a totally different experience from my perspective but I couldn’t have a better team to show me how it’s done.