Hannah Fox

Senior Alumni Relations Manager, Advancement

I’m here to build brilliant relationships

It’s my job to make sure that LBS has a thriving and engaged alumni community. It’s all about relationships – starting with current students, fostering the relationships they create on campus, and building them into lifelong connections. We want them to feel proud of the connection they have with us. Alumni Relations is part of Advancement, which supports the fundraising at London Business School. We raised £125 million in our last campaign, so we really play an essential role in securing the future of the School.

I feel proud about the work I’m doing here

I moved to the London Business School because I was looking for a place where I could be proud of the work I do. I’ve recently had the opportunity to organise my forth alumni reunion! The School gave me the freedom to try something completely different this year, and seeing my hard work pay off in such a spectacular way was a fantastic feeling. I also run a mentoring programme that pairs students with alumni. I recently spoke with a student that says his mentor completely transformed his career direction, and changed his prospects in a way he couldn’t possibly have imagined before. That was a special achievement.

I love the emphasis on learning

Every single day there’s a new learning opportunity here. You’re working at an organisation that really supports your personal development and pushes you to fulfil your potential. When we organise alumni reunions we bring in faculty and guest speakers, and I try to get to them whenever I can. The range of people is fascinating. I’ve not only had the chance to attend conferences, I’ve been encouraged to speak at them too – which is something I never thought I’d do in a million years. It was terrifying – possibly one of the scariest things I’ve done in my life – but, at the end of it, I felt brilliant.

We’re a diverse team in a magical city

There’s 45 people in the Advancement team, from every corner of the world. We’re a really sociable team, with a great range of personalities, and collaboration is key to the work we do. Our director’s mantra is ‘who else needs to know’, which is all about asking yourself ‘who else needs to know this?’ when you’re working, and encouraging knowledge sharing. The School really celebrates diversity, and I think that’s part to do with being a London-based institution. It reflects the spirit of the city we live in.