Alex White - Business Analyst



I was brought here by my love for Excel

For most people, working with Excel all day sounds like their worst nightmare, but I love it. That’s what I do here mostly: play with Excel, work with student data and look at student feedback. I’ve worked in different roles in different industries before, and the common thread I found was a love for problem solving, working with data, and working out what the data was telling us. While I had the chance to work with data before it was at the London Business School where I could first get really stuck into it.

There’s so much opportunity to enhance your skills

At the School, I’ve really been supported to pursue training opportunities. I’ve learnt SQL code through self-teaching and shadowing my line manager, and there was a seat on an MBA module where I learnt about data and decision models – so I had the chance to experience life as a student, as well as being a member of staff! Not only was it an incredible learning experience, but I also had the chance to see the student perspective too, discovering how interactive and engaging the lessons are. Which, in turn, has helped me have a greater understanding of the information submitted in student surveys.

I’ve been given a chance to prove myself

I’ve been working on an interesting project on survey data, and, as part of it, we’ve been moving from old software to new software that will let us visualise data better. I pretty much spearheaded the move, with the confidence and support of my managers and teammates behind me. That’s the great thing about London Business School: we’re a big organisation, but we work in smaller teams, which means we have more autonomy and space to perform. There’s no micromanaging.

I love the community spirit here

Before I came here, I worked somewhere where you could go a whole day without speaking to a single person, and I wanted change. London Business School set the bar high: there’s a great family atmosphere. Everyone is nice, and friendly, and willing to give their all. Everyone is proud to work here and really trying to make the most of it. There’s a great community spirit.