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Investing in the future of LBS

Investing in our people, ideas and facilities is crucial if we want to continue developing the brightest business minds and most innovative thinkers.

We need your support to achieve this and to maintain the highest standards that make LBS one of the world’s top business schools.

How does it work?

Graduating Class Gift is an LBS tradition, started by the class of 1998. It aims to give graduating students across all degree programmes the opportunity to leave their mark by making a pledge – a promise of financial support given annually or monthly for four years after graduation.

The emphasis is on participation – any amount is appreciated. We encourage as many graduating students as possible to pledge at a level affordable and meaningful to them.

Where does it help?

Every penny we receive goes towards improving our facilities, supporting cutting-edge research and attracting the best talent.

Each year the graduating students work with the School’s Advancement team to select a Graduating Class Gift project they are passionate about. This year it’s all about “Giving back to our School”.

Thank you for considering giving towards the Graduating Class Gift 2017 campaign.

This year, the theme is “Giving back to our School” so your giving options centre on key elements of your experience as students:

  • Campus development, to support the School’s robust sense of place and space, including the fantastic new Sammy Ofer Centre.
  • Scholarships, a crucial element in our campaigns to attract the brightest and best, irrespective of personal circumstances, from around the world.
  • An unrestricted gift means we will use it wherever the need is greatest.

We understand that you may not be able to make an immediate cash gift. The pledge system allows you to choose to support LBS at a level and frequency that works for you, starting up to six months after you graduate.

All you need to do is tell us, via the pledge form:

  • How regularly you’d like to make payments.
  • How much you’d like each instalment to be.
  • The total amount of your pledge.
  • Your credit card details (no payment is taken until your selected start date).



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