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Our history

How London Business School became a world leader in business education. 


Founded in 1964, in the first 50 years of our history we have already established ourselves as a first class destination for business education and rank among the best international business schools in the world.


The real-world focus of our programmes means that we are the ever-evolving leader in the field of business education. 


And the future is bright. In 2017 our new Sammy Ofer Centre will open – a cutting-edge teaching and learning facility at the iconic Old Marylebone Town Hall. The centre will transform the School’s future, providing a dynamic space where people can come together to test, share and apply their knowledge.

The three storey building, five minutes’ walk from the existing campus, will contain six new lecture theatres, a library, 35 seminar rooms, offices, staff and faculty suites, a student lounge, broadcast facilities and a new alumni centre.