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Equality and diversity

Diversity is integral to our day-to-day operation at London Business School and part of our overall strategy and business plans. One of the School’s values is that we draw strength and ideas from our cultural diversity.


We are committed to equality and fairness for students, staff and faculty, irrespective of individual differences.

We provide our community with a study and working environment that is safe, welcoming, inclusive, open and respectful to all.


Our diverse community


Equality and diversity

Our diversity strategy in action

Our Diversity Working Group has responsibility for driving the  diversity agenda within the School and reports to Management Board, which is accountable for diversity strategy and any resulting activities. Professor Benoît leads the Group in the development and implementation of our diversity initiatives.

The School has recently updated our equality objectives to include gender orientation and gender reassignment, affirming our commitment to promote throughout the School community an ethos where all are welcome whatever their sexual orientation and gender identity.


A taster of diversity initiatives


Here is an example of some of our initiatives to promote diversity: 

  • Female role models and women speakers at School events play a key role in encouraging more female faculty and students to join the School.  Our Women in Business Club holds the prestigious Women in Business Conference each year and is one of the largest clubs on campus.
  • We host the EurOUT conference for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) students and alumni from top business schools across Europe. The conference features key speakers from major international companies and celebrates the achievements of the LGBT community in business. View our Out in Business Club.
  • Accessibility is at the heart of our future estates policy and we partner with Disabled Go – the leading provider of access information for disabled people in the UK. Our campus is listed on the Disabled Go website.
  • Religious festivals are incorporated into our School’s overall committee calendar and planning cycle 
  • Tattoo – a multicultural festival celebrating the diversity of the school takes place once a year. It involves food, drink, music, dance and lots of exciting entertainment from all around the world, courtesy of over 20 regional clubs.

Latest activity 


Find out more

Diversity and Equality Information is available on our policy and guidance page or email


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