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Engage with candidates

We believe in developing strong and lasting relationships with our global network of recruiters.

From recruitment fairs to international career treks, we offer a wealth of opportunities for you to engage with our elite students and alumni, forge close ties with the School and strengthen your brand.

Contact your Sector Manager in the Career Centre team to find out more information or to organise an event.

Choose activities that work for your business:

Recruitment fairs – network with the brightest and best global talent

We host several major recruitment fairs on campus, every year. The format gives you an ideal platform to showcase your brand to prospective employees, meet students and alumni, talk about your business and interact with your potential candidates.

Presentations on campus – introduce your company to our students

Make the most of our presentation opportunities, where you can spend 90 minutes with our students; presenting, networking and raising brand awareness to your target audience.

Educational events – educate students about your business and build your brand

Become a part of our extensive professional development programme and engage with our talent by providing specific insights that will help their professional development in your sector or organisation. Run case study sessions and show our students the inner workings of your business. Find a hot topic to debate that is relevant to your organisation, bring students together to discuss it, and then begin building your talent network.

Help with interview preparations, offer advice to potential employees or solve a case through a consulting workshop, among many other opportunities.

Host a roundtable discussion at the School or in your offices

Roundtables are a powerful way to discuss key business topics and collaborate with your peers. By hosting a roundtable, you can bring together LBS students to share information on an issue of your choice.

Career treks – international and local visits to businesses

Engage with an enthusiastic group of students in your office and give them a unique insight into your organisation. Allow them to network with your colleagues and let them experience your business culture, wherever you are based in the world.

Student Club Conferences – access a wealth of talent through our clubs and associations

Our student clubs host major events throughout the year, targeted at specific sectors or regions. There are a wide range of opportunities to get involved, whether sponsoring, attending or even acting as a panellist.