Is globalisation falling apart?

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The future of retail banking?

Can banking integrate seamlessly with the day-to-day activities of consumers and interactions with their finances? Travis Ledwith explains how this might be possible.


The role of central banks in Europe

Are central banks being stretched to breaking point? CNN's Richard Quest and Josef Ackermann of Zurich Insurance Group discuss the topic at London Business School's Global Leadership Summit 2013.


Failed banks have to exit the market

The crisis was a lost opportunity to restructure the banking system in Europe, according to Josef Ackermann, former Chairman of Zurich Insurance Group and Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum.


Ackermann: New alternatives to traditional banks

The former chairman of Zurich Insurance Group, Josef Ackermann, talks to CNN's Richard Quest about banks being replaced by new funding mechanisms.


Recommendations for banking reform

Dr. Josef Ackermann, Chairman of Zurich Insurance Group; Vice-Chairman of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum puts forward his thoughts on how the banking sector can better add value to society at large.