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Careers at London Business School

At London Business School we recruit and develop engaged, ambitious people from around the world. Our eclectic community of professional, administrative and operational staff embrace diversity - creating a collaborative learning environment that invigorates businesses and inspires leaders.

Why London Business School

Hear from our Dean, faculty and alumni about what makes it exciting to be part of the London Business School's unique community.

Careers at London Business School are many and varied:

  • Marketing, Communications, Business Development and Admissions raise awareness of London Business School and draw from the best to ensure that the right clients and students study and work with the School.
  • Programme Management, Higher Education Administration and Customer Services work together to ensure that students and clients enjoy a world-class experience.
  • Career Services, Fundraising and Alumni Relations teams work with students and our alumni community, recruiters and organisations to build relationships and help students become strong ambassadors for the School.
  • Technology and Operations teams work to ensure that all members of our community have a seamless technical and operational experience.

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Having an impact on our community

At London Business School we appreciate the benefits of volunteering and building closer links with our local community. Our Employee Volunteering Scheme was launched by representatives from across the School - the "Community Action Group" - with the full support of Senior Management.  The Group works school wide to facilitate and promote volunteering activity which will have a positive impact on the local community.

Below are some examples of how we are working together to help others:

  • Working as mentors for young people and women who need support, advice and inspiration from skilled professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Working as trustees and advisors
  • Organising toy drives to provide the local community with gifts for young children.

Having an impact on our clients

At London Business School we work together to empower individuals and organisations to perform at their best.

Staff work closely with our world-class faculty to deliver the latest business thinking to students and organisations. Together we create a collaborative and diverse learning environment that delivers global business perspectives and new business networks spanning borders, industries and functions.

Located in one of the world's most cosmopolitan and vibrant cities, our students tell us that studying with us is life-changing. The knowledge, insight, skills and experiences that they have at London Business School will take them and their organisation further, both now and in the future.