London experience

Learn business in the heart of one of the world's greatest cities at London Business School. Our central location in this cosmopolitan and culturally diverse global business capital offers opportunities to shape your career and pursue your passions that are unmatched anywhere else. On every level, London delivers.

Why London for business?

London is home to the leading financial institutions on the planet and a third of the world's biggest companies. You will experience a dynamic business hub in action and develop the business skills to take you anywhere in the world.

LBS London business experience

  • 100% of the world's leading financial institutions are represented in London
  • 75% of the top 500 global companies are based in the city
  • 99% of the earth's business activity is located in time zones that overlap with London's working day
  • 37% of the global foreign exchange market comes from London
  • 300+ languages are spoken in this eclectic, multicultural capital
  • 1,0000+ tech start-ups are formed in London every month

What else does London offer?

Life in London is never dull. Whatever your interests, the capital constantly motivates, entertains and surprises. Made up of historic sites and cool urban enclaves, London is open to new influences and offers culture, countless cuisines, parks in every locale, and easy transport links to the rest of the country, Europe and beyond.

Combined with the learning experience and campus life of London Business School, there's no better place to shape your career and your future.


  • 240+ museums and galleries
  • 180+ theatres
  • 155 public parks
  • 60+ Michelin starred restaurants
  • 4 UNESCO World Heritage sites

London Business School - at the centre of London

Situated next to Regent's Park, London Business School offers a convenient, central location, world-class facilities and some of the most beautiful views London has to offer.

Within a few kilometres of the campus is the City and its incredible business diversity. We make full use of this, taking you inside successful companies to find out what makes them tick.

We combine outstanding business education and unparalleled access to all kinds of business environment with plenty of cultural and social opportunities so you can make the most of your time in our vibrant, exciting capital city. At London Business School you will benefit from all London has to offer.