Career impact

How can London Business School impact your career?

From one-week Executive Education courses through to our full-time, 15 to 21-month MBA programme, studying at London Business School will equip you with the skills, knowledge and networks to assist you in realising your potential. The impact on your career will depend on the programme you choose, your experience level and what you want to achieve!

Exploring the importance of careers support at the School, we follow students attending the General Managers Speakers Panel.

Global recognition

London Business School is recognised worldwide as a key source of business talent. The diversity of our programme portfolio attracts top global recruiters seeking talent at all experience levels. These relationships provide our students with new contacts and exciting opportunities.

Find out how the careers of graduates Vicky Tziveli and Iavor Trifonov benefited from studying at London Business School.

Worldwide alumni network

Upon graduating from one of our degree programmes or a General Management Executive Education programme  you will gain alumni status. With over 34,000 alumni in over 130 countries, and 65 regional alumni clubs, our global network offers a wealth of knowledge, resources and networking opportunities that will continue to open doors and impact your career long after you have graduated.

Explore how graduate Francisco Jose Egana Barrios used the London Business School alumni network to navigate the challenges of finding a banking role in a down economy

Vibrant Club network

Conferences, workshops, forums, speaker series and parties. It's impossible to demonstrate the vibrancy of our student and alumni club activities. Club membership allows you to explore areas of professional interest with fellow students and alumni and getting actively involved can provide vital leadership and networking opportunities and can lead to job opportunities.

Graduates Audrey Yu, Ben Blake and Beke Vuma all benefited from joining student clubs on campus as they navigated their career journeys.

Support from Career Services

The experienced Career Services team will play a big part in equipping you with the skills you need to assist you in realising your potential and securing your next position.

  • Full-time programmes
    Following an initial self-assessment, our experienced team of Career Advisors will support you in enriching your CV, tailoring cover letters and perfecting interview techniques to ensure that you are as prepared as possible to secure your first job post graduation. (Please refer to the benefits and career impact links on the right)
  • Executive/weekend programmes
    Through guidance from our Career Coaches (over the phone if required) and interactive sessions dedicated to career strategy, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and direction to advance your career in your current organisation or gain the confidence to try new ventures. (Please refer to the benefits and career impact links on the right)
  • Alumni Career Services
    The School's career support doesn't stop when you graduate.  Regardless of career stage or situation, the Alumni Career Services team provide services including career coaching, career resources, career workshops and access to job opportunities to all our alumni.

Explore how Career Services supported graduates Ben Armstrong and Jessica Lu.

Immigration reforms relating to non European Economic Area/Swiss students

While the government is aiming to reduce overall numbers settling in the UK from outside the EEA/Switzerland, its reforms are supportive of graduates of UK business schools and universities. It is committed to helping the 'brightest and the best'. London Business School has been working with the government to help them understand the value of our students.

  • People coming to study in the UK can apply for a tier 4 visa:
  • From April 2012, the government will remove unrestricted access to the labour market for those studying in the UK. However, they have made it easier for UK employers to sponsor international students they want to hire - employers just need to have a Tier 2 licence.
  • Almost 25,000 employers in the UK are Tier 2 sponsors - the full list is available on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) website and updated regularly. For those employers who do not yet have a Tier 2 visa, this is relatively easy and cheap to obtain and London Business School is proactively providing guidance to recruiters on how to do this.
  • Previously, an employer had to advertise the role even when they had a preferred candidate. Under Tier 2 legislation, if an employer has a preferred candidate in mind, for example a London Business School graduate, they will no longer have to advertise the role more widely (previously known as the Resident Labour Market Test). This makes the process more straightforward and cheaper for recruiters.
  • This more streamlined process is only applicable to graduates of UK universities and business schools. When recruiting from inside the UK, there is no cap on the number of UK-based graduates a company can hire. This includes graduates of London Business School. By contrast, recruiters will have restrictions on the number of graduates they can hire from outside the UK, including other European business schools.

The London Business School Career Services team is working closely with employers to help them understand the legislation and how straightforward it is to recruit from London Business School. For more information on recruiting global talent from London Business School after April 2012 visit:

Useful sources of information include the UK Council for International Student Affairs website and the UK Border Agency website.  

Career Impact

What are the benefits and career impact from our programmes?

Full-time programmes: