We welcome applications from experienced executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who can demonstrate their suitability and fit with the Sloan MSc in Leadership and Strategy.

We operate a rigorous application process to ensure all participants can contribute and benefit fully from the curriculum and experience. Sloan Fellows are successful and ambitious individuals with at least 12 years of managerial experience.

Fast track your application:

Sloan Fellows have many demands on their time. To be reviewed for a preliminary decision for the January 2015 class you will need to submit the application form with your essays and one recommendation. The strongest candidates will be fast tracked in the admissions process. 

To start the process of applying you will need to complete an online application form. The form is designed to be completed over several sessions. You can save your work as you go and submit this whenever you are ready.

You will be given full instructions during the online process, but please read the information below before you begin. This will give you a better idea of how the application process works and what additional documentation you will need to provide.

Please contact Sapna Shah, Recruiment Coordinator for more information

Important dates

Applications for the January 2015 intake will open from February 2014.  The recommended admissions deadlines for January 2015 are:  

Spring  25 February 2014 General deadline - all candidates.
Spring  27 May 2014 Candidates who wish to be considered for scholarships should submit their application on this deadline.
Summer 24 June 2014 Candidates who wish to be considered for scholarships should submit their application on this deadline.
Summer 26 August 2014 Non EEA candidates are strongly recommended to apply for this or earlier deadlines. If you decide to apply later than this date you run the risk of delaying your visa application.
Autumn 23 September 2014 General deadline - all candidates.

You can submit your application without your GMAT score and we offer a fast track option to the strongest candidates. We will let you know if you are shortlisted within two weeks of our receiving your application. 

  • In most cases, you will receive a final decision on your candidacy within six weeks of submitting your completed application.

If you need to apply outside of the published deadlines please, contact the Admissions team with your request.

We operate a waitlist once the class is full, with priority given according to the order in which applications are received. Many waitlisted applicants are successful in getting a place in their chosen intake. If no places become available, there is an automatic transfer of admission to the next intake.

Skills and experience

Educational background
Candidates should have an undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification. Occasionally a strong career trajectory and/or other professional qualifications are also accepted.

Work experience
London Business School Sloan students generally have more than 12 years post-graduate work experience. You will need to show that you:

  • are a strategic decision maker in your functional area
  • are accountable for results
  • lead mission critical projects
  • influence and take a leadership role in managing change.

Team skills
We place particular emphasis on working in teams. Your contribution is essential to the collaborative learning environment of the programme.

International exposure
The Sloan programme attracts students from around 20 countries. We select students with an international outlook who can build on existing international exposure.

Application checklist

When you complete your online application form, you will be asked to submit:

  • your application essays
  • an organisational chart
  • a one-page CV/resume
  • names and details of two referees.

We also require:

  • a transcript of grades from each university you have attended
  • your GMAT score (if you have a valid GRE test score please contact the admissions office)
  • proof of your English language ability* (TOELF, IELTS or CPE)
  • your application fee of £160.

* The English language ability test may be waived for those who have been working in an English speaking environment for a substantial amount of time.

The details below explain how you should send us this information.

Application essays

Please download and complete the Sloan MSc essay template. There is one personal statement, two essays and an optional statement to complete.

These form an important part of your application, so make sure you spend a significant amount of time on them.

Attach the completed template to the online application form.

Organisational chart

Supply a chart which clearly shows your position in your organisation.

Attach your chart to the online application form.


Your CV must be no more than one page in length.

If you have any significant gaps in your employment history, give your reasons on a separate sheet.

Attach your CV to the online application form.


All applicants are required to have two references submitted on their behalf. One referee should be a current or previous manager; the other a colleague, someone else who knows you well at work, or someone else who knows you in a professional capacity. 

Please direct any reference queries to or telephone +44 (0) 20 7000 7000 ext 7512.

After you input your referees' details into the online application form, we will send them an email with login details for the online reference system.

London Business School reserves the right to contact your referees for further information in connection with your application.


    Send transcripts of grades from all colleges, universities and professional schools you have attended.

    These must include:

    • a list of courses completed
    • grades
    • degree class
    • class ranking (if available).

    If the original transcript is not in English, provide a certified or notarised English translation.

    If you do not wish to submit your original transcript, we will accept copies that have been certified by a lawyer or Notary Public.

    If you do not have a copy of your transcript, use this transcript request form to request one from your university or school:

    (It is not necessary to submit this form to us)

    Electronic versions or photocopies of your transcripts are not acceptable. Send original copies to:

    Sloan MSc Admissions Office
    London Business School Degree Programmes Office
    London Business School
    Regent's Park
    London NW1 4SA, UK

    The GMAT/GRE

    We accept both GMAT and GRE. Candidates may submit their applications before they have taken the GMAT or GRE under the fast-tracking process. There is no minimum score but we recommend that applicants take adequate time to prepare for the test so that the admissions team can use it as an indication of their quantitative and of their quantitative and verbal reasoning abilities at the time of application.

    The GMAT or GRE is one of many criteria we use when assessing an applicant's suitability, since it provides useful information. In their personal statements and references, applicants are encouraged to emphasise areas in their work experience and academic background that demonstrate those abilities as well.

    If you have already taken a test and have a valid test score, please contact our Admissions Team with your test details.

    Register to take the GMAT

    The GMAT code number for the Sloan MSc is Z11-J7-18.

    What score do I need?
    There is no minimum score requirement. The GMAT is just one of several pieces of information used by the School to assess a candidate's suitability. A high score does not guarantee admission and a lower score does not rule out a candidate.

    Should I retake the test?
    If your first score is lower than you'd like, you may wish to retake the test. However, we do not recommend taking the test more than 3 times, and would only recommend retaking the test if you thought you could make a significant improvement.

    If you're concerned about your score and would like some advice on whether to retake, please contact our Admissions Team who will be happy to discuss this with you.

    Why are these tests important?

    • Test scores can be an indication of ability to perform well on quantitative courses
    • In a diverse and international classroom, tests are independent and transparent benchmarks that enable us to ensure your classmates' calibre
    • Taking tests can be useful preparation for executives that have long been out of the classroom. The commitment and motivation required to complete them are a good indication of what to expect on an academically rigorous MSc programme.

    GMAT Waivers
    In exceptional cases, the GMAT or GRE can be waived. We will consider GMAT waivers for candidates whose work experience, professional status or prior degree/training indicates a high level of analytical or quantitative ability.

    Conditions for GMAT waivers include but are not limited to the following:

    • CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors, Division Heads or individuals who can prove their experience in managing major budgets or investment portfolios
    • Treasurers, Chief Accountants, CFAs or candidates with advanced training in quantitative fields of study.

    We invite candidates who feel they merit a waiver to speak with an admissions officer for more information. Requests for waivers will be considered after candidates have submitted their online application and we have the maximum amount of information. If you are fast-tracking, please ensure we have translated transcripts to assess your academic potential. The Admissions Committee may require any candidate to take the GMAT or GRE at its own discretion, and may also ask that a candidate complete an alternative test or an online course in order to meet the conditions of admission.

    English language ability

    If English is not your native language, please arrange to take an English language test and send us your score. Only recognised English tests taken within the last two years are valid. 

    The following English language tests are acceptable:

    The TOEFL institution code is 0898

    You do not need to submit your test score if:

    • your undergraduate or postgraduate degree was conducted entirely in English or in an English-speaking country (degrees must be two years in length or longer)
    • you have lived or worked in an English-speaking country for at least two years since graduating from university.

    An English test will support your GMAT verbal and analytical writing score.

    Application fee

    The application fee for the Sloan programme is £160. You must pay online after submitting your application. Your application will remain incomplete until we receive the correct fee.

    There is no fee for graduates of:

    • London Business School
    • The University of London
    • Columbia University
    • The University of Hong Kong.

    You will need to produce your transcript as proof of graduation.

    Candidates recommended by London Business School alumni may not have to pay the application fee. If an alumnus who knows you well recommends you, they should email ( stating how they know you and what they consider would be your main contribution to a class. This should be sent before you submit your application, please include the alumnus details on the application form.

    Visa requirements

    If you are not a national of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you require a visa to study in the UK. Applying for a UK visa to study at London Business School is a straightforward process. For more information please visit visa requirements.

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