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The London Business School MBA develops effective global leaders with a sophisticated understanding of business issues.

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Student profiles


Mike Wahle (American)

"I want to make sure that others get to take part in the same amazing experience that I've had."

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  Ana Sofia Alves Ribeirinho (Portuguese)

"The community and the diversity of London Business School never fails to surprise me."

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  Yohei Oishi (Japanese)

"The MBA is enormously flexible, culminating in the ability to graduate at 15, 18 or 21 months."

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  Samantha Streicher (South African)

"It is the friendships I have built and the community that I am now part of that I value most."

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  Brynne Herbert (American)

"My MBA introduced me to a diverse global network."

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You can also gain a first-hand insight into life on the MBA from one of our Student Ambassadors who are currently studying on the programme. 

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Alumni profiles

"The corporate finance module and the finance electives I chose have been invaluable. I'm currently involved in a merger between two major clients and I constantly draw on the financial theory I learned on the MBA."

Antonio Valentini (Italian)

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"With an increased understanding of business and management, I now have the practical skills and global perspective to provide better solutions to the challenges my clients face."

Jenny Zhang (Chinese)

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"During my MBA I lived in London, did my internship in Bangkok and went on international exchange to Tokyo. I was lucky enough to do my Global Business Experience in South Africa, and I secured my post-MBA role in New York City."

Ken Saito (Peruvian)

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"London Business School was a very easy choice, offering a superb global network, a top brand and the two year timeframe I was after."

Carlo del Mistro (Italian)

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"My study group was fantastic. I'd never worked with such diverse people both in terms of backgrounds but also nationalities. I was in a study group of a French bio-tech entrepreneur; a Turkish aviation specialist; an American strategy consultant; a Brazilian banker and an Indian consumer goods marketing specialist."

Lucy Davis (British)

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"I've discovered it's important to listen to opinions that are not like yours and to take the best of what other people can offer you even if they come from completely different perspectives.  If you accomplish this you can become an accomplished business leader."

Vlad Gudov (Romanian)

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"The MBA has really transformed how I approach business problems and come up with solutions.  It's been an incredible learning experience, not only from the classroom but from the students in the class."

Dennis Valdez (American)

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"I chose the MBA because I wanted to round out my understanding of the core business concepts and position myself well for a job internationally."

Erik Wilterding (American)

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