Leadership Launch

The MBA delivers invaluable knowledge and access to networks, but never underestimate the importance of being able to develop and practice your leadership skills.

Leadership Launch is organised in five themes, representing the key skills that leaders can and must develop early in their careers.

1) Know and Develop Yourself

Meet and receive support from the School's Career Services team as you define your career goals and what success will mean for you post-MBA.

On the Global Leadership Assessment for Managers (GLAM) course, you will learn about cultural sensitivities and begin to equip yourself with the managerial and social skills to lead diverse teams anywhere in the world.

2) Solve Tough Problems Creatively

Making decisions and solving problems with limited information, and in tight time-frames, is what many people think makes leaders and entrepreneurs worth the big bucks. Technical courses such as Accelerated Thinking and Learning, Mastering Finance Technical Interviews and Modelling for Finance Careers will help build this fundamental skill.

3) Communicate Powerfully

To become a true global business leader, communication must be mastered in all its forms: reading, writing, listening and speaking. This section explores all of these forms with courses such as Business Writing, Best Practice Presentations and Communications, Personal Impact and Mastering Interviews.

4) Delivering Through Others

Practical skills such as listening, empathy, team building, and figuring out how to achieve objectives without resorting to command, control and hierarchy are all essential parts of the global leader's toolkit. Working with your study group in the first week of orientation will equip you with these basic skills. You will have the opportunity to develop them further through skills sessions such as Effective Networking and the Peer Leadership Programme.

5) Manage and Implement Change

The final area of practical skills that leaders need is a very pragmatic, non-bureaucratic approach to delivering change. As well as a sound understanding of organisational behaviour, leaders need practical, cut-through tools to cover areas like project management, meeting and time management, performance measures, governance, evaluation and prioritisation.

Leadership Launch provides a varied and stimulating learning environment through simulations, panel discussions, group workshops and coaching. You are encouraged to tailor the programme to your individual development needs.

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