Global Business Experiences

The Global Business Experiences (GBEs) are a new and exciting addition to the MBA curriculum and provide our students with a unique opportunity to learn about global business through a week-long immersion in one of five international locations.

An Academic Challenge

The GBEs are academically focused and are designed to be fast-paced, engaging and demanding.  Each GBE is tailored to its location, offering a rare opportunity to gain insight from local industry, governmental leaders as well as from the land itself.  Students are pushed outside their comfort zone, working with classmates they have not yet worked with before in an unfamiliar environment.

The GBE week consists of faculty lectures, guest speakers, site visits, workshops, panels, company visits as well as opportunity to engage with local London Business School alumni in the region.

"If the MBA is like an Olympic campaign, where every day is different and exciting in its own way, I think we are gearing up to have one of our absolute highlight events of the programme: The Global Business Experience."  Wouter, Belgium

GBE Destinations

Boston and New York, USA (Autumn)

Theme: Understanding the new challenges facing the asset management industry
Faculty: Richard Portes and Christopher Hennessy

In light of the recent financial crises and on-going regulatory reform you will have the chance to understand what drives the decision making processes of the most important players in financial markets. The week will involve discussions, panels and guest-lectures bringing together luminaries from investment firms, regulatory agencies and major banks. 

"I get a chance to do in a week what others don't do in months of networking at other top MBA schools. I will have the opportunity to sit down and discuss recent trends and industry developments with business leaders from across the industry. While in New York, we shall also make a pit stop at the New York Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York."  Stelios, MBA2013

"As a student interested in joining the industry after graduation, the trip provided me with more exposure to some of the world's best practitioners - people that are responsible for investment funds that are greater than the GDP of entire economies - than I had ever dreamed possible." Sid, MBA2013

Johannesburg, South Africa (Winter)

Theme: Understanding the role of micro-enterprises in a growing economy
Faculty: Michael Hay and Rajesh Chandy

This is a unique opportunity to work with a micro-entrepreneur on a challenge facing their own business. To broaden the learning experience students will also gain insights from leaders in the corporate, not-for-profit and policy creation sectors.

"I look forward to experiencing first-hand the challenges that micro-entrepreneurs face in South Africa and the role they play within the overall economy. I'm also curious to see how our MBA culture will be able to adapt and mix with their very practical attitude. I sense it will be a very enriching experience, about business but especially about the human side of business." Salvatore, Italy

"It's amazing to have the opportunity to apply our learnings from the MBA and hopefully provide value to the inspirational micro-entrepreneurs from the Alexandra township." Sylvia, New Zealand

"I am really looking forward to our upcoming GBE to Johannesburg. Professors Rajesh Chandy and Michael Hay have really impressed me with the depth and variety of speakers they have lined up for us. I'm particularly excited about the opportunity to work with the micro-entrepreneurs in Alexandra and hope I'll be able to help them grow their businesses." Karol, Ireland

Mumbai, India (Winter)

Theme: Understanding, Driving and Adapting to Change
Faculty: Rajesh Chandy and TBC

In one of the most dynamic countries in the world, students will explore momentous areas of change across the creative, business and government sectors. Along with gaining an insight into the realities of business in India, you will also have the chance to hear perspectives about how society and organisations are approaching change.

"The opportunity to learn the country in a business context rather than just going on holiday and seeing the sights will be very interesting and I am looking forward to it." Sandy, MBA2013

Hong Kong, China (Spring)

Theme: Developing China's financial future
Faculty: Andrew Scott and Francesca Cornelli

Develop insights about the role financial institutions (major banks, insurance companies, private equity and venture capital firms) and other industries are playing, in not only China's development but in the growth of Asia.

Istanbul, Turkey (Spring)

Theme: Business in a Changing Environment: Lessons from Turkey
Faculty: Emre Ozdenoren and David Faro

Gain an appreciation of the most important changes in Turkey and understand how organisations get business done in a changing environment. Students will have face-to-face interactions with important players in the Turkish business world such as entrepreneurs, individuals from the financial industry, government officials, journalists and leaders in the corporate space.

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