This programme brings together participants from all over the world, from a variety of roles and industries.

Through their input and that of leading academics, you will have access to expertise that challenges your current thinking and gives you a truly global business perspective.

How will the programme benefit you?

You will leave the programme with the ability to deliver a consistently high performance within the broader remit of your new responsibilities, having gained a wider strategic understanding of the key value drivers within a business. You will:

  • Acquire the business frameworks and management toolkit to enable you to make the transition from a successful individual contributor to a leader of teams, projects or broader business tasks.
  • Combine increased self-awareness with a greater appreciation of the part you play within the organisation as a whole. This will enable you to have a greater impact on others and to make things happen outside of the immediate scope of your role.
  • Coaching support will continue when you return to the workplace, allowing your new skills to develop as you implement your action plan.
  • Fast-track your career progression through gaining the business capabilities to impact your organisation's performance.
  • Lifelong membership to the 36,000-strong global London Business School alumni network - connecting you with one of the world's great centres of management thinking.

How will this programme benefit your organisation?

  • Develop new leaders who understand team work, drive results and can see the long-term business view.
  • Grow managers with the ability to create high-performance teams and influence those around them.
  • Have your organisation's thinking challenged by our world-leading faculty, and benefit from exposing your high performers to the diverse experiences of other participants from across the world.
  • To maximise the return for your organisation, the programme can be integrated within a wider development agenda.
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