Julia Langdon

  • Degree Programme: PhD in Organisational Behaviour

MSc (University College London), BSc (University of Warwick)

Julia Langdon is a 5th-year PhD student in Organizational Behavior at London Business School. Her research interests focus on how people make ethical judgments. In one program of research, she examines how victims and transgressors differ in their perceptions of transgressors contingent on the number of previous transgressors. In another stream of her research, she investigated how people change their condemnation of reputationally damaging lies based on the existence of lie-congruent information. In another stream of research, she investigates how governing boards integrate information about the unethical behavior of their members differently than do onlookers. Her research offers insights into how different perceptions of transgressions may damage efforts to recover from unethical behavior.

Julia holds a MSc in Decision and cognitive science from University College London (UCL). Her previous work at Threadneedle Asset Manager piqued her interest in Organizational Behavior and the role of scandals in organizational outcomes. Her time teaching debating for the English-Speaking Union stimulated her interest in perceptions of truth and ethicality in communication.