Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons, offers business advice to London Business School students

Rocker-turned-businessman Gene Simmons

Last night, during a lecture at London Business School, Gene Simmons, frontman of 1970/80s glam rockers Kiss, told students how to build a one-billion-dollar brand.

The US group, famous for their extravagant live shows, big tongues and make-up, are said to have pioneered the notion of branding musicians, under 61-year-old Simmons' leadership. In the band's heyday the marketplace was saturated with Kiss merchandise: from branded coffins to comic books.

Current MBA student and co-President of the School's Retail & Luxury Goods Club, Peter Lewin, said:  “Gene’s visit has been an opportunity for us to look behind a successful brand and to gain insight from one of the masterminds of its architecture.  It is testament to the London Business School community that we can inspire an exchange of business ideas with leaders who have shaped their industries, as Gene has pushed the boundaries of a rock-n-roll brand.”

During the lecture at the School, he discussed how unlikely the 1960s Mersey Beat explosion was at the time, coming as it did from working class Liverpool and spawning one of history's most prolific bands: The Beatles. He said it is an example of how a business entity with a worldwide reach can come from the most unexpected of places.

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