Future of Work Consortium - Bringing Energy and Innovation to Organisations

Lynda Gratton

For the first time, Lynda Gratton brings together more than 20 global corporations in a research consortium to research, discuss and design the way we will be working in 2020. The purpose is to develop templates for how to successfully adopt innovative organisational practices that support the new nature of work.

Today Gratton brings together in a big global conversation more than 200 senior executives, innovation managers and talented Gen Ys from Nokia, BT, NHS, Save the Children, World Vision International, Thomson Reuters, Colt, RBS, ABSA, Novartis, Unilever, Randstad UK, M&S, SAP, Thoughtworks, Singaporean Ministry of Manpower , ARM, Virgin Active, Standard Chartered Bank, Tata Consulting Group.

Prof Gratton says "There are five major global forces which will fundamentally re-shape the way we work by 2020. They are technology, demography, society, low carbon and globalisation. As we speak with academics and executives around the world, it is clear that we are in a very exciting time with regard to the nature of work and organisations both of which have been changing tremendously over the last few years and will continue to do so"

Questions that will be discussed include:
- How will we work when five billion people are connected all the time?
- What will free computing power mean to those doing business?
- How will we work when the world population moves to cities?
- What will be the impact of oil price rise and carbon tax on the way we work? What - is it like to work in three generational cohorts?
- Where will the talent be?

Lynda Gratton's Future of Work Consortium aims to address three key challenges: Understanding Global Forces, Impact on Organisations and Adoption of Innovative Practices

For more information on the Future of Work go to www.hotspotsmovement.com

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