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Hedge Fund Centre

A research hub for all aspects of hedge fund investing

The Hedge Fund Centre researches all aspects of hedge fund investing, including the impact of hedge funds on the asset markets they invest in.

We also work to:

Encourage others to conduct research, for example through visiting research fellowships and invitations to present research at London Business School

Encourage better understanding of hedge funds, by:

  • developing material for London Business School's post-graduate and executive courses
  • offering specialised courses for students and executives in the investment-related industries
  • encouraging and supervising student projects.


To develop and broaden the coverage of hedge funds at London Business School, we:

The following sites contain useful information relating to the hedge fund industry. 

We only endorse the working papers and reports published on our own website.

AIMA is a not-for-profit professional trade association for the alternative investment industry, specifically hedge funds, managed futures funds and managed currency funds. is an online community for hedge funds and alternative investing.

SSRN is devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research. The SSRN eLibrary contains abstracts on over 37,500 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers, as well as over 19,700 downloadable full text documents.