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Centre for Corporate Governance

Independent, dynamic, expert

The Centre for Corporate Governance (CCG) at London Business School draws on the world-class expertise of our faculty to offer cutting-edge thought leadership and top-level research, across every aspect of Corporate Governance.

We create platforms for exciting debate, where research can be tested and challenged, bringing together chairmen, CEO's, regulators and leading academics. The Centre funds and communicates the School's research, examining the effectiveness of different capital market mechanisms and publishing our unique findings.

Exemplary research now and for the future

The Centre has funded research projects of the highest academic quality that has been published in the leading journals of financial economics. These include:

  • Corporate Governance and Value Creation: Evidence from Private Equity, by Viral Acharya and Conor Kehoe
  • Returns to Investor Activism, by Marco Becht, Julian Franks, Colin Mayer and Stefano Rossi
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Value, by Henri Servaes
  • CEO Succession, by James Dow
  • Pyramidal Ownership and Family Firms, by Paolo Volpin and Julian Franks

Research themes covered by the Centre have included:

  • Ownership rights
  • Cross-country variations in capital structures
  • The role and scope of law and legislation
  • Internal governance and the practical limits of director responsibilities
  • CEO succession practices
  • The comparative merits of different ownership formats
  • The role of family firms
  • The financial impact of investor activism

Future research will focus on the contentious issues of trust, risk and regulation - addressing the need to radically change existing practices of financial institutions and restore public confidence.

Our findings will then be discussed with practitioners and policymakers at the highest level at within the business world, to effect positive business change.

World-class events

Our events have brought together hugely influential people with a wide range of skills and experience, including Nobel laureates, FTSE 100 directors and HM Treasury officials.

Event highlights include:

2009 - Two key colloquia featuring Lord Myers.
2011 - A major colloquium with Sir John Vickers, Professors Luigi Zingales and Charles Calomiris.
2013 - A conference, entitled, "Lehman Brothers Five Years On" with 50 leading decision makers. Read the report.
2014 - This year will see us host major PhD conferences and further debate on the Lehman Brothers Conference.

Funding research, funding progress

We are always looking for new ways to grow our research programme, to deliver thought leadership that directly impacts the way the world does business.

We always welcome support from companies, trusts, foundations and individuals. If you are interested in supporting our research effort or the Centre in general, please contact Nicole Hergartentucker, Executive Director of the CCG.


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