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Kamalini Ramdas

BSc (Delhi) MS (Delaware) PhD (Pennsylvania)
Professor of Management Science and Operations; Deloitte Chair in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Subject area:
Management Science and Operations
Research activity:
Deloitte Inst. of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Personal site:
Personal web page


Innovation, Service Operations, Product Development


'Four Ways to Redefine Service Delivery', with E. O. Teisberg and A. Tucker, Harvard Business Review, 2012; 'Can Stock Price Movements Inform Operational Improvement Efforts? Evidence from the US Airline Industry', with M. Lipson and J. W. Williams, Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2013; ‘Does Component Sharing Help or Hurt Reliability? An Empirical Study in the Auto Industry’, with T. Randall, Management Science, 2008; 'A Methodology to Support Product Differentiation Decisions', with A. Zhylyevskyy and W. Moore, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2009; ‘Managing Product Variety: An Integrative Review and Research Directions’, Production and Operations Management, 2003; ‘Managing Variety for Assembled Products: Modeling Component Systems Sharing’, M. L. Fisher and K. T. Ulrich, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, 2003.

Research interest

Innovation in operations, innovation in services, service operations, supply chain management.

Other activities

Associate Editor, Management Science, Operations Management Department; Past Departmental Editor, Management Science, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Department; Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management (POMS), New Product Development, R&D, and Project Management Department; Deloitte Chair; Academic Director, Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship;


Associate Professor, University of Virginia; Assistant Professor, UT Austin.

Contact Details

Email: kramdas@london.edu

tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8820
fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

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