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Freek Vermeulen

MA PhD (Tilburg)
Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Subject area:
Strategy and Entrepreneurship
Personal site:
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‘The Structure of Competition: HowCompetition Between One’s Rivals Influences Imitative Market Entry’,Organization Science (2013); ‘Selection at the Gate: Difficult Cases, Spill-overs, and Organizational Learning’, Organization Science (2012); ‘Change for Change’s Sake’, Harvard Business Review (2010); ‘I Shall Not Remain Insignificant: Adding a Second Loop To Matter More’, Academy of Management Journal (2007); ‘On Rigor and Relevance: Fostering Dialectic Progress in Management Research’, Academy of Management Journal (2005); ‘A Healthy Divide: Subgroups as a Stimulus for Team Learning Behavior’, Administrative Science Quarterly (2003); ‘Pace, Rhythm, and Scope: Process Dependence in Building a Profitable Multinational Corporation’, Strategic Management Journal (2002); ‘Learning through Acquisitions’, Academy of Management Journal (2001).

Research interest

Corporate strategy, profitable growth, innovation.

Other activities

Keynote speaker; Editorial Board member, Academy of Management Journal; Organization Science; Strategic Management Journal.


Strategy Consultant

Contact Details

Email: fvermeulen@london.edu

tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8715
fax: +44 (0)20 7724 7875

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