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Francesca Franco

BS (Bocconi) PhD (Padova) Post-doc (Wharton)
Assistant Professor of Accounting

Subject area:


'Debt Market Benefits of Corporate Diversification and Segment Disclosures' (with F. Vasvari and O. Ucan, 2013); ‘Determinants and Trading Performance of Equity Deferral Choices by Corporate Outside Directors’ (with C. Ittner and O. Urcan, working paper, 2013); ‘Trends in executive gender pay and incentive gaps: the role of board diversity’ (with M.E. Carter and M. Gine Torrens, working paper, 2013); ‘Premium Pay for Executive Talent: An Empirical Analysis’ (with M.E. Carter and I. Tuna, working paper, 2012); 'Do Incentives really Matter? Contractual Determinants of Employees Incentive Payouts (working paper, 2009); ‘The Effects of Contract Design and Implementation Practices on Worker Incentive Plan Outcomes’ (with C. Ittner and D. Larcker, working paper, 2008).

Research interest

Incentive Contracting, Executive Compensation and Corporate Governance.

Other activities

Fellow, American Accounting Association; Member, European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management


Post Doctoral Research Fellow, The Wharton School; Visiting Doctoral Student, The Wharton School; Research Associate and Lecturer, Bocconi University

Contact Details

Email: ffranco@london.edu

tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8113
fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

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