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Francesca Cornelli

BA (Bocconi) PhD (Harvard)
London Business School Term Chaired Professor of Finance

Subject area:
Research activity:
Centre for Corporate Governance, Coller Institute of Private Equity
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“Monitoring Managers: Does it Matter?” (with A. Ljungqvist), Journal of Finance (2013);‘Corporate Governance and Private Equity: do LBOs have better boards?’ (with O Karakas), World Economic Forum, (Working Papers); ‘Investor Sentiment and Pre-IPO Markets’ (with D Goldreich and A Ljungqvist), Journal of Finance (2006); ‘Bookbuilding: How Informative is the Order Book?’ (with D Goldreich), Journal of Finance (2003); ‘Stage Financing and the Role of Convertible Securities’ (with O Yosha), Review of Economic Studies (2003); ‘Risk Arbitrage in Takeovers’ (with D Li), Review of Financial Studies (2002); ‘Bookbuilding and Strategic Allocation’ (with D Goldreich), Journal of Finance (2001); ‘Patent Renewals and R and D Incentives’ (with M Schankerman), Rand Journal of Economics (1999); ‘Ex-Ante Efficiency of Bankruptcy Procedures’ (with L Felli), European Economic Review (1997).

Research interest

Corporate finance, industrial economics, and transition economics.

Other activities

Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research; Associate Editor, Journal of Finance; Editorial Board, Journal of Financial Intermediation.


Lecturer in Economics, London School of Economics; Visiting Professor, Wharton; Associate Professor, Duke University.

Contact Details

Email: fcornelli@london.edu

tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8219
fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

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