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Alex Edmans

Professor of Finance

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Corporate Finance (corporate governance, executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions, investment/growth/innovation); Behavioral Finance; Socially Responsible Investing / Corporate Social Responsibility.


'The Effect of Liquidity on Governance' (with V. Fang and E. Zur), Review of Financial Studies 26(6), (2013); 'The Link Between Job Satisfaction and Firm Value, With Implications for Corporate Social Responsibility', Academy of Management Perspectives 26 (2012); 'The Real Effects of Financial Markets (with P. Bond and I. Goldstein), Annual Review of Financial Economics 4, (2012); 'Dynamic CEO Compensation' (with X. Gabaix, T. Sadzik and Y. Sannikov), Journal of Finance, 67(5), (2012); 'The Real Effects of Financial Markets: The Impact of Prices on Takeovers' (with I. Goldstein and W. Jiang), Journal of Finance 67(3), (2012); 'Short-Term Termination Without Deterring Long-Term Investment: A Theory of Debt and Buyouts', Journal of Financial Economics 102(1), (2011); 'Tractability in Incentive Contracting, (with X. Gabaix), Review of Financial Studies 24(9), (2011): 'Does the Stock Market Fully Value Intangibles? Employee Satisfaction and Equity Prices', Journal of Financial Economics 101(3), (2011); 'The Effect of Risk on the CEO Market' (with X. Gabaix), Review of Financial Studies 24(8), (2011); 'Governance Through Trading and Intervention: A Theory of Multiple Blockholders' (with G. Manso), Review of Financial Studies 24(7), (2011); 'Do Investment Banks Matter For M&A Returns', (with J. Bao), Review of Financial Studies 24(7), (2011); 'Inside Debt' (with Q. Liu), Review of Finance 15(1), (2011); 'A Multiplicative Model of Optimal CEO Incentives in Market Equilibrium' (with X. Gabaix and A. Landier), Review of Financial Studies 22(12), (2009); 'Blockholder Trading, Market Efficiency, and Managerial Myopia', Journal of Finance 64(6), (2009); 'Is CEO Pay Really Inefficient? A Survey of New Optimal Contracting Theories' (with X. Gabaix), European Financial Management 15(3), (2009); 'Sports Sentiment and Stock Returns' (with D. García and Ø. Norli), Journal of Finance 62(4), (2007).

Research interest

Corporate finance (corporate governance, executive compensation, mergers and acquisitions), behavioural finance, corporate social responsibility

Other activities

Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research; Research Associate, European Corporate Governance Institute; Associate Editor, Review of Financial Studies; Associate Editor, Review of Finance; Associate Editor, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis. Rising Star in Corporate Governance, for contributions to corporate governance for a person under 40 Co-led a session on behavioural economics at the World Economic Forum in Davos Moskowitz Prize for best paper in socially responsible investing; FIR-PRI prize for finance and sustainability.


BA (Oxford), PhD (MIT)


Associate Professor of Finance, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Morgan Stanley Fixed Income Sales & Trading (New York); Morgan Stanley Investment Banking (London).

Contact Details

Email: aedmans@london.edu

tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8258
fax: +44 (0)20 7000 7001

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