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Lakshmanan Shivakumar

London Business School Term Chair Professor of Accounting

BCom (University of Madras), MBA (Vanderbilt University), PhD (Vanderbilt University)

Professor Lakshmanan Shivakumar is a prolific and influential academic researcher, who has been invited to talk at universities and conferences in over 25 countries. He is currently a council member of the American Accounting Association. He was formerly the subject area Chair for the Accounting group at London Business School. He has held visiting positions at the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business, the Indian School of Business, the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales. 

His main research interests are in the areas of financial reporting quality and stock-return predictability. He has published articles in several top-tier accounting and finance journals and is a co-editor of the Review of Accounting Studies. His research on financial reporting quality includes an examination of the role of conservatism in financial reporting and earnings management in firms making public equity offerings. On stock return predictability, his research has addressed issues relating to the causes of underlying price momentum and post-earnings-announcement drift anomalies. 

An award winning teacher, Shivakumar currently teaches courses on Financial Statement Analysis and on Securities Analysis and Financial Modelling. He also consults for bankers and consulting firms on valuation, financial analysis and investment strategies. His research has been presented to regulators and development agencies across the world, including the African Development Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Singapore Stock Exchange.


Agency-based demand for conservatism: Evidence from state adoption of antitakeover laws

Jayaraman S; Shivakumar L

Review of Accounting Studies

Target's earnings quality and bidders' takeover decisions

K Raman; L Shivakumar; A Tamayo

Review of Accounting Studies

The role of financial reporting in debt contracting and in stewardship

Shivakumar L

Accounting and Business Research


Audited financial reporting and voluntary disclosure as compliments: A test of the confirmation hypothesis

Ball R; Jayaraman S; Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting and Economics


The debt market relevance of management earnings forecasts: Evidence from before and during the credit crisis

Shivakumar L; Urcan O; Vasvari F; Zhang L

Review of Accounting Studies


Discussion of aggregate market reaction to earnings announcements

Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting Research

Inflation, earnings forecasts and post-earnings-announcement drift

Basu S; Markov S; Shivakumar S

Review of Accounting Studies


Liquidity and the post-earnings-announcement drift

Chordia T; Goyal A; Sadka G; Sadka R; Shivakumar L

Financial Analysts Journal


Earnings quality at initial public offerings

Ball R; Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting and Economics

How much new information is there in earnings?

Ball R; Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting Research


A discussion of ‘Information uncertainty and post-earnings-announcement drift

Shivakumar L

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting


Accruals, cash flows and the post-earnings-announcement drift

Shivakumar L

Journal of Business Finance and Accounting

Earnings and price momentum

Chordia T; Shivakumar L

Journal of Financial Economics

Role of accruals in asymmetrically timely gain and loss recognition

Shivakumar L; Ball R

Journal of Accounting Research


Earnings quality in UK private firms: comparative loss recognition timeliness

Ball R J; Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting and Economics

Inflation illusion and post-earnings-announcement drift

Chordia T; Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting Research


Liquidity dynamics across small and large firms

Tarun C; Shivakumar L; Subrahmanyam A

Economic Notes

Self-selection of auditors and audit pricing in private firms

Chaney P; Jeter D C; Shivakumar L

Accounting Review


Does market structure affect the immediacy of stock price responses to news?

Shivakumar L; Masulis R W

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Momentum, business cycle and time-varying expected returns

Shivakumar L; Chordia T

Journal of Finance


Do firms mislead investors by overstating earnings before seasoned equity offerings?

Shivakumar L

Journal of Accounting and Economics

  • Financial Statement Analysis (Elective, joint with Art Kraft) E444 SPR15 & SUM15
  • Securities Analysis & Financial Modelling (Elective, joint with Scott Richardson) E206 SPR15
  • 4 x Financial Seminar for Senior Managers programmes, AUT14, SPR15 & SUM15


Contact Andrea Koltai


Tel: +44 (0)20 7000 8123

Research Interests

  • Financial reporting in capital markets and market efficiency.