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Scott Richardson

Professor of Accounting

BEcon (University of Sydney), PhD (University of Michigan)

Professor Scott Richardson carries out empirical archival capital markets research, primarily focused on understanding how accounting information is used to determine security prices. His research interests also cover earnings management, corporate governance and corporate finance. 

Professor Richardson has won multiple awards for his research. In 2009, he won the Notable Contribution to Accounting Literature Award for his work on accrual reliability. In 2012, he and his co-authors won the BlackRock prize for the best paper in Review of Accounting Studies.  In 2015, he and his co-authors were awarded third place in the Crowell prize for their paper, “Deleveraging Risk”, by PanAgora Asset Management, which recognises research that connects theory with application in the field of quantitative investment management.

Prior to his current role he worked as an Assistant Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania from 2002 to 2006. During this time his work was published extensively in leading academic journals including the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Finance, Review of Accounting Studies, Journal of Accounting Research and The Accounting Review.

From 2006 to 2010, he worked at Barclays Global Investors – now BlackRock – as Global Head of Credit Research and Head of European Equity Research. During that time he shared investment decision rights across a set of large actively-managed credit and equity funds for institutional clients. He also served on BGI's Proxy Committee in the USA and Shareholder Engagement Committee in the UK and helped to set the firm's proxy voting guidelines.

Professor Richardson left BlackRock as Managing Director in 2010, and joined London Business School. He is a member of the Advisory Council of the AQR Asset Management Institute at LBS. He is also an editor of the Review of Accounting Studies, serves on the editorial boards of several journals and is an active referee for many others. He currently works as Managing Director at AQR Capital Management with responsibilities for credit and equity research.

He holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.


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Discretionary disclosure: A note

Richardson S


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Securities Analysis & Financial Reporting (Elective, joint with Lakshmanan Shivakumar) E206 SPR15

Research Interests

The relation between accounting information and security returns, firm valuation, earnings management, corporate governance.