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Michael G Jacobides

Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship; Sir Donald Gordon Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

BSc (Athens), MA and PhD (Wharton)

Michael Jacobides is responsible for teaching the subject of Turnarounds and teaches strategy and innovation to executive audiences. He has also been involved with several senior degree and executive programmes as well as custom-made executive education.

At present, his research looks at how industries, business models, and organisational boundaries change over time. Executive development is a key part of his work. He facilitates meetings and consults at senior executive or board level for clients such as Banco Intesa San Paolo, Zurich London, Finland's YLE, KPMG (DK), TV2, Orange and RICS.

He teaches the Global Fellows at the World Economic Forum, and is involved in its New Financial Architectures project, as well as various projects with major firms such as Vodafone, PwC and Roche. He is a Senior Fellow at Wharton's Financial Institutions Centre and has been a Professeur Invité at the University of Paris, a Distinguished Scholar at Singapore Management University, as well as a NATO Science Fellow and a Leverhulme Trust Principal Investigator.

He is also Sumantra Ghoshal Fellow at the Advanced Institute for Management Research. Prior to LBS, he was on the faculties of Harvard Business School and the Wharton School (U. of Penn) and taught at the joint Columbia Business School / LBS Global Executive MBA.

His work has been published in Harvard Business Review, the Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, the Academy of Management Review, the Academy of Management Journal and Industrial and Corporate Change, where he is an Associate Editor. He has written for the Financial Times, his work is used by analysts and regulators and reported on by publications such as ‘The Banker’ and ‘Strategy & Business’. 

Redesign Greece. Reforming the public administration: A bottom up, awards‐driven initiative.


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Time to tackle EU governance

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What next for the Eurozone?

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The play's the thing

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Don't let this crisis go to waste!

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New thinking on how to do business

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Housing sector in the hellenic reality: an assessment of major economic aspects

Jacobides M G

TOPOS, Review of Urban and Regional Studies



- Elective course, Managing Corporate Turnarounds, E250 AUT14, SPR15 and SUM15 (3 streams)




Degree program Teaching

- Managing Corporate Turnarounds, 2008–: Entirely redesigned and taught the most well-subscribed strategy elective in LBS’s portfolio (two sections in 2008, three sections in 2009, five in 2010)
- New technologies in teaching: responsible for the Virtual Teaching LBS initiative, a test-pilot for distributed learning in executive education and degree programs, 2002
- PhD Seminar: Basic Readings in Business, introductory course across PhD concentrations, redesigned and taught (2001–2004). Special Topics in Strategy, 2 sessions, 2014
- Sloan Fellows Core Strategy Course: Redesigned and taught (2003 and 2007) senior degree students
- Executive MBA – Global Strategy Course of the London Business School–Columbia Business School Program. Designed (2002) and taught (2002, 2003, 2005) the course
- MBA Core Strategy Course, 2001: Co-design and teaching

The Wharton School, 1995–2000

- Adjunct Assistant Professor of Strategy, Information, Systems & Economics, 2000. Designed and taught OPIM 666, “Information: Industry Analysis and Competitive Strategy”
- Lecturer in Management, Undergraduate Division. Designed and taught the Undergraduate Division Business Policy and Strategy Course. (Winner of the Teacher of the Year Award, Wharton Undergraduate Division, 2000)
- Teaching Support Director, Wharton Direct, Aresty Institute for Executive Education. Design and implementation of IT-based teaching support in new Distributed Learning Initiative
- Teaching Fellow, Information: Strategy, Systems and Economics Group (OPIM Dept.) Lectured and TA’d in MBA courses on Advanced Topics in Strategy and Information (with L.M. Hitt and D.C. Croson; 1998–2000.)
- Instructor and TA, Management Department, The Wharton School, U of Pennsylvania
- Recitations of MGMT 101 (Introduction to Management), 1996
- TA for Technology and Entrepreneurship (1997–98) ;Strategy Implementation class (1997–99)
- Advanced Strategy (1996–98); MBA Global Strategy class (1995–97) ;MBA Core Strategy class (1995–97)

Executive education

- Rabobank, Senior Executive Programme, 2014-. Also, coaching of incoming Rabobank CEO on the Future of Banking, 2014
- Nordea Bank, Workshop on the New Bank – Strategy Module, for Senior Executives, prorgamme design & delivery, 2012-3
- Merck-Serono, Workshop for Regional and Country CEOs of emerging and new markets on strategy and adapting to shifting landscape, 2011
- Credit Suisse, Masterclass for Managing Directors, EMEA on future of FS, 2011
- Lloyds Group, Senior Executive Program for the Wholesale Bank (joint with McKinsey), 2010
- National Health Service, CEO Program on industry transformation & turnaround, 2010
- Santander, Program on Strategy & Finance for Senior Executives, 2010-
- BBVA, Program for top 1000 Finance executives, Strategy & Financial Service Change, 2010–2012
- Garanti Bank, Program for the top 80 executives, Strategy and Financial Services, 2010
- World Economic Forum, Global Fellows Program, Strategy & Innovation, 2009
- Bertelsmann, Program for “CFO Circle” on change in business model & sector, 2008
- Abbey National, Program on strategy, industry change, and trends in banking, 2008–2010
- Nokia, Program on strategy for senior executives (operator unit), 2008
- IBM, Program for senior sales execs on industry change & profit migration, 2007–08
- KPMG-Denmark, Strategy program for top executive team & for partners, 2007–08
- KPMG-Ireland, Strategy program for Partners, 2007
- RBS, Pilot program on top 150 GBM executives, Strategy masterclass, 2007
- Lufthansa, top-200 program, strategy sessions, 2007–11
- TV2, Program for the Senior Leadership team: Strategic transformation, 2007
- IBM, Business Premier Program: Executive Facilitation, 2002–2004
- PwC, Strategic Conversations Program: Sessions on value chain evolution, 2002
- HSBC, Private and Investment Banking Senior Program: Strategy & Change, 2003–2004
- Credit Union Executives Society, Board Members Program: Strategic Innovation, 2001–2
- Also, actively engaged in the development and work with the companies; participated in discussions with some of the above firms on behalf of the School, and also for firms such as the Credit Agricole, Total, Huyndai, Institute for Turnarounds etc.

Open Enrolment Executive Programs, London Business School, 2001–
- Designed and taught a new session on “creating architectural advantage” and profit migration for LBS’s Senior Executive Program, 2008 / 2012
- Design and teaching of two days in the five-day executive course on Developing Strategy for Value Creation, LBS’s main strategy open enrolment course on Strategy, 2002–
- Design and teaching of six half-day sessions on strategy and organization in the three-week Emerging Leaders Program, LBS’ course for high-potential executives, 2001–06

Other Institutional Executive Education Work
- NYU-Stern Executive Educations Program, 2012-13
- Guest lecture on the “Strategic Breakthrough Insights” Program on Industry Architectures
- Wharton-Financial Times E-Business Program, 1999–2002
- Taught web-based, live sessions on Knowledge Management; led TA team, helped build interactive module
- Hellenic Banks' Association (Athens, Greece), 1993
- Coordinator and Instructor, seminar on venture capital for bank executives

Research Interests

Industry evolution and profit migration, business model change, strategy in changing environments, corporate turnarounds and organisational transformation, structural change and policy challenges.