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Lynda Gratton

Professor of Management Practice; Executive Education Faculty Director

BA, PhD (Liverpool)

Professor Lynda Gratton directs London Business School’s Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Organisations – considered the world’s leading programme on human resources –  and the new programme Leading Businesses into the Future, and is on the School’s governing body. She was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by HR Magazine, in 2013, and was amongst the 15 top thought leaders in the Thinkers50 ranking.

She is the founder of The Hot Spots Movement and for over five years has led the Future of Work Research Consortium which has brought executives from more than 80 companies together both virtually and on a bespoke collaborative platform.

Professor Gratton has written extensively about the interface between people and organisations. Her eight books have been translated into more than 15 languages. They cover the link between business and HR strategy (Human Resource Strategy: corporate rhetoric, individual reality and Living Strategy), the new ways of working (The Democratic Enterprise), the rise of complex collaboration (Hot Spots and Glow) and the impact of a changing world on employment and work (The Shift). Her latest book The Key, looks at the impact of the changing world on corporate practices, processes and leadership.

She has won a number of awards. Her case ‘BP: Organisational Transformation’ won the EECH best case of the year, her article on ‘signature processes’ the MIT Sloan award, and in 2012 The Shift received the best business book of the year award in Japan.

Professor Gratton’s work has been acknowledged globally – she has won the Tata prize in India; in the US she has been named as the annual Fellow of NAHR and won the CCL prize; whilst in Australia she has won the HR prize.

She is a Fellow of the World Economic Forum and has chaired the WEF Council on Leadership. She serves as a judge on the FT Business Book of the Year panel and chairs the Drucker prize panel.  

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Maslow's hierarchy of needs across three social groups

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MBA Core Organisational Behaviour

Core Human Resource Management

EMBA Leadership Skills

IEMP Leadership Development

Electives Human Resource Strategy

  • HR Magazine, HR Most Influential Awards, Lifetime Achievement Award (2013)

  • Center for Creative Leadership’s Walter F. Ulmer Jr Award for Applied Research (2011)

  • Elected Fellow of National Academy of Human Resources (2010)

  • Global HRD Tata HR Leadership Award (2010)

  • European Case Clearing, Best strategy case of 2005. Awarded for Gratton, L. and Ghoshal, S. (2002) “BP: Organisational Transformation”

  • MIT Sloan Management Review PriceWaterhouseCoopers 2003 Best Article Award: Runner-Up. Awarded for Ghoshal, S. and Gratton, L. (2003) “Integrating the Enterprise.” Sloan Management Review, 44/1: 31-38, 2004

  • MIT Sloan Management Review, Richard Bekhart Prize for the best change article. Awarded for Ghoshal, S and Gratton, L. (2003) “Integrating the Enterprise.” Sloan Management Review, 44/1: 31-38.

Research Interests

Corporate culture, human resource management strategy, organisational change, strategic management, organisational learning, the future of work and innovation.