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Kevin Boudreau

Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

BSc (University of Waterloo, Canada), MSc (University of Toronto), PhD (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Dr Kevin J. Boudreau is an applied microeconomist and strategy researcher. Through his research he generates ideas, devises empirical research designs and conducts quantitative analysis on how platforms are best designed and organised.

He aims to explain how the ecosystems of large firms are organised, and provide guidance on different ways to organise 'crowds' and open innovation. However, his chief interest – and the orientation of his training – is to derive more fundamental lessons on economic mechanisms shaping productivity and competitiveness.

Dr Boudreau studied engineering at the University of Waterloo, Canada – where he developed an interest in statistics, experimental design, numerical methods, data analysis and programming, economics and competition. He then took a masters in Economics at the University of Toronto, followed by doctoral research in Behavioural & Policy Sciences at MIT.

Prior to becoming an academic researcher, and business school assistant professor, he held positions at The Economist Group, Qualcomm, Braxton Associates, Nortel, Bell Northern Research, the Canadian Space Agency and the startup Nikean. He currently advises several public and private organisations on questions of strategy, data science and analytics, platform design and performing econometric analysis and experiments.

Unpaid Platform Complementors and the Network Effect Mirage

Boudreau K; Jeppesen L

Strategic Management Journal


Experiments in open innovation at the Harvard Medical School

Guinan E; Boudreau K J; Lakhani K R

Sloan Management Review

Prize-based contests can provide solutions to computational biology problems

Lakhani K; Boudreau K Backstrom l; Baldwin C; Loh P; Lonstein E; Lydon M; MacCormack A; Arnaout R; Guinan E

Nature Biotechnology

Prize-based contests can provide solutions to computational biology problems

Lakhani K R; Boudreau K J; Loh P R; Backstrom L; Baldwin C; Lonstein E; Lydon M; MacCormack A; Arnaout R A; Guinan E C

Nature Biotechnology

Using the crowd as an innovation partner

Boudreau K; Lakhani K

Harvard Business Review

Incentives and Problem Uncertainty in Innovation Contests: An Empirical Analysis

Boudreau K; Lakhani K; Lacetera N

Management Science


Executive MBA Strategic Management, 2010, 2012 -
LBS MBA Strategic Management, Core MBA programme,2010, 2011,      2012


Master's in Management Strategic Management, 2010
LBS PhD Empirical Methods, 2010,2012 (Contributions)


• In final top 4 finalists among 100 nominated papers for 2013 Management Science Best Paper for Technology and Operations
• Management Science, Meritorious Service Award 2012
• Economics of Knowledge Contribution and Distribution Research Grant (funded by the Sloan Foundation)
• London Business School Research and Materials Development Grant (RAMD), 2013
• Management Science, Distinguished Service Award 2012
• London Business School Research and Materials Development Grant (RAMD), 2012
• Natural Bureau of Economic Research, Innovation Policy working group academic grant, 2011-2012
• London Business School Research and Materials Development Grant (RAMD), 2011
• Google Faculty Research Grant recipient, 2011
• London Business School Research and Materials Development Grant (RAMD), 2010
• LBS RAMD Research Grant, 2010
• Management Lab to study field experiments on open innovation, 2009
• Honorarium and paper selected by National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) for 50th anniversary conference in honor of "The Rate and Direction of Inventive Activity", 2009
• Best Reviewer Award, Behavioral and Policy Sciences, Academy of Management, 2007
• Microsoft Research Grant to study the governance of systems by platform owners, 2007
• Best Reviewer Award, Academy of Management, Business Policy and Strategy Division
• Paris Chamber of Commerce Competitive Research Grant for Research in Media Platforms, 2006
• MIT Stewart, Gerrity, and Wilson Fellowships 2003-2005
• MIT Presidential Fellow, 2001
• First Class, University of Toronto Economics
• Accepted to University of Toronto Master's of Economics programme without studying undergraduate Economics degree
• University of Waterloo Dean’s Honors; ranked first in multiple courses
• University of Waterloo Undergraduate Research Scholarship
• Second place, Engineering Design Project
• First place, Manufacturing Project (Semiconductor Fabrication)
• Experimental Research Excellence, Bell Northern Research
• University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarship, based on Sir Isaac Newton Physics Competition

Research Interests

Questions at the intersection of innovation, competition and organisation. Research is mostly empirical, involving large-sample, quantitative analysis. Of particular interest is in understanding how large groups or “ecosystems” of innovating firms and individuals should be deliberately organised and governed.