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Signaling new product reliability with after-sales service contracts

Bakshi N; Kim SH; Savva N

Management Science 2015 Forthcoming


Optimal sampling strategies in the coupon collectors problem with unkn ...

Dobson G; Tezcan T

Annals of Operations Research 2015 Forthcoming


Forgiveness is not always divine: When expressing forgiveness damages ...

Adams G S; Zou X; Inesi M B; Pillutla M M

Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 2015 Forthcoming


A Social Networks Perspective on Organizational Misconduct

Moore C

Palmer D., Greenwood R, Smith-Crowe J eds., Organizational Wrongdoing, CUP, 2015


Entitativity and intergroup bias: How belonging to a cohesive group al ...

Effron DA; Knowles ED

Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2015 Forthcoming


Approach, ability, aftermath: A framework to understand unethical beha ...

Moore C; Gino F

Academy of Management Annals 2015 Forthcoming


Always the Hero: The role of self-deception in unethical behavior

Moore C

Van Lange P A M, Van Prooijen J W eds., Cheating, Corruption and Concealment: Roots of Unethical Behavior, CUP, 2015


Responding to disruptive business models: Strategic and organisational ...

Markides C; Foss N; Saebi T

Business Model Innovation: The Organizational Dimension 2015 Forthcoming


Niche Construction and the evolution of leadership: Toward a unified t ...

Spisak BR; OBrien MJ; Nicholson N; Van Vugt M

Academy of Management Review 2015 Forthcoming


Key MBA Models

Birkinshaw J M; Mark K

Key MBA Models: Pearson, 2015