Is it right for me?

Are you an experienced finance professional seeking to advance your career? To develop your area of specialism? To deepen your knowledge in finance?

  • Do you have a passion for finance and would like the very latest financial tools and techniques, global finance perspectives and a network of international contacts?

  • Would you like to draw from the vast pool of knowledge, skills and diversity in the Masters in Finance classroom?

Experience matcher

  • Do you have between three and six years of finance experience?  Consider the full-time format. 
  • Do you have over six years of finance experience? Consider the part-time format and study alongside your current role.
  • Do you have less than two years of work experience? Consider our Masters in Management.
  • Do you have no prior experience in finance? Consider our MBA, Executive MBA or Sloan programmes.

Student motivations

Our students come from both the finance and non-finance sector and from a wide variety of career paths. Here are examples of some of their motivations. 

You are a high-flying finance professional with the ambition to accelerate your career to a new level – within your current organisation and beyond.


You are a finance specialist with a passion for a particular area of finance. You want to hone your skills to become the foremost expert in this niche area.


An experienced professional, you’re looking to branch out into a different area of finance but need to broaden your knowledge and skillset first.


You’re ambitious for a global career in finance but need the financial skills, networks and flexibility to work anywhere in the world.


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