Accounting and Financial Analysis

Financial statements are our window into the economic world.

Accounting and Financial Analysis brings the economic world to life through rigorous fundamental deconstruction of financial statements. The course will give you a passion for reading balance sheets and put you a step ahead of your peers.

Led by Professor Chris Higson, the programme is fast-paced and rich in its coverage of the business landscape and of current accounting issues. It stimulates critical thinking and uses many live case studies to illustrate economic stories.

Gain insight into the in-depth structure of the balance sheet, the income statement and cash flow, and key ideas in financial analysis including: the logic of GAAP, intangible assets and takeovers, asset de-recognition, creative accounting, financial distress, forensic analysis, developments in governance. 

Programme Overview

Key details

  • Duration: One week full-time or one evening x 10 weeks
  • Location: London
  • Programme start dates:

    One week

    • 01 Feb 2016*
    • 15 Aug 2016*


    • 30 Sep 2015*

    *Fees subject to annual review

Corporate Finance Webinar

As part of our 50th Anniversary Webinar Series, Professor Chris Higson explores what he calls the the cult of EBITDA, specifically focusing on:

  • Why EBITDA is a number that needs handing with great care.
  • Whether analysts have experienced a loss of focus on the rigorous measurement of income and of return on capital.
  • The overall impact on corporate valuations in today’s environment.

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