Accelerate your progress to business management

When you transition from functional manger to business leader, you cannot rely on your functional knowledge to carry you through.  

Gain increased skills to safeguard your career against the top ten mistakes made by functional managers moving into general management.


Benefits to you

  • Improved leadership skills through greater self-awareness, sophisticated influencing skills and understanding your impact on others

  • Unparalleled business connections that can offer guidance, expand your global perspectives and widen your sphere of contacts

  • Improved teamwork and performance within your organisation

  • The ability to harness the power and value of diverse groups – in your organisation and beyond

  • Increased confidence to deal more effectively with other senior leaders across different business functions

  • Improved strategic management and decision making through an enhanced understanding of how your business generates value, so you can contribute more fully to complex discussions about its future

  • You complete the programme with clear focus and a customised solution to a management challenge to implement immediately on your return to work

  • Assess your wellbeing through our optional holistic wellbeing programme

  • Opportunity to reinforce your learning post-programme through an additional one- week module.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Immediate return on investment that benefits the entire management chain

  • Develop a high-value employee with a clear, practical focus for immediate business impact on their return to work

  • Fosters a clear practical focus with an increased ability to manage your business performance and deliver immediate business results

  • Gain an executive who can take on increased responsibilities and leverage the skills of their team to deliver growth.

Hear from Jennifer MacKenzie as she explains how the programme impacted her as a business leader.

Accelerated Development Programme: Transition into General Management experience: Jennifer Mackenzie

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