Senior Executive Programme

As a successful senior executive, you manage strategic priorities, develop and lead effective teams and establish sustained competitive advantage in your organisation. 

In the face of increasing uncertainty, the half-life of a successful strategy is declining.  The Senior Executive Programme (SEP) equips you with the tools to drive change and create the future for yourself and your organisation - today. 

You explore 4 management themes in depth:

  • Leading the organisation – discover your unique leadership style, reflect on your executive responsibilities and build your leadership legacy   
  • Managing complex stakeholder relationships – build trust and manage the Board’s expectations with that of key stakeholders  
  • Developing and implementing strategy – keep in tune with evolving markets, global forces and future scenarios to build resilience and sustained success  
  • Improving operational and strategic agility – embrace innovation and engage your stakeholders with a holistic approach that examines your organisation’s market and strategy execution capabilities.

Why choose this programme?

  • Learn from our acclaimed faculty who share their thought leadership, industry experience, and global perspective on key issues leaving you with invaluable knowledge and powerful insights.
  • Join an elite and diverse group of senior executives and industry experts in a dynamic business forum, where dialogue and debate challenge, stimulate and inspire you.
  • Build an invaluable network of fellow leaders and join the London Business School alumni community, an active and global group of more than 39,000 ambitious professionals
  • Take advantage of London's global business and cultural opportunities to learn from innovative companies, access notable practitioners and cultural landmarks in the city. 

Spotlight on... Gary Hamel, Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

'The 100 Year Life' online webinar

Date: Wednesday 4 February
Location: Online 
Cost: Complimentary 
Speakers: Jeremy Tozer, Programme Director and Andrew Scott, Professor of Economics 
Time: 14.00 - 15.00 



Increased longevity and better health mean that more than half of children born today in the Western world have life expectancy of 100 or more. 

In his work with Lynda Gratton, Andrew Scott examines the profound consequences this will have on how we structure our life and how firms and organisations deal with their employees. Deep seated reforms will be required and these changes are already manifesting themselves. 

Professor Scott will document and explain the changes and delve into your individual and corporate readiness for these modifications. Register now to join us online.

Key details

  • Duration: 2 x 2 weeks
  • Next Start: 11 Apr 2015
  • Fees: £29,500
  • Location: London

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