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In today’s world, business leaders are expected to have a global view and far reaching foresight – a breadth of insight and thinking has never been a more valuable asset. 

Hear from Jennifer MacKenzie as she explains how the programme impacted her as a business leader.

Accelerated Development Programme: Jennifer Mackenzie

Whether you are about to transition from functional management to a business leader role, or are a seeking to refresh your skills and broaden your thinking, this programme benefits every objective.


Benefits to you

  • Improved leadership skills through greater self-awareness, sophisticated influencing skills and understanding your impact on others

  • Unparalleled business connections that can offer guidance, expand your global perspectives and widen your sphere of contacts

  • Improved teamwork and performance within your organisation 

  • The ability to harness the power and value of diverse groups – in your organisation and beyond

  • Increased confidence to deal more effectively with other senior leaders across different business functions

  • Improved strategic management and decision making through an enhanced understanding of how your business generates value, so you can contribute more fully to complex discussions about its future

  • You complete the programme with clear focus and personalised solutions to challenges that you can implement immediately on your return to work

  • Assess your well-being through our holistic well-being programme

  • Learning is reinforced through structured post-programme support and an optional one week module (capstone).

Benefits to your organisation

  • Support your talent and succession planning strategies

  • Access best practice, thought leadership and cutting-edge business research to make your organisation more resilient and competitive for the future

  • Develop high-value employees with a clear, practical focus for immediate business impact on their return to work

  • Executives who take on increased responsibilities and leverage the skills of their team to deliver growth

  • Build awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing the business across varied sectors and geographies – and how your organisation can learn from these.

Key details

Duration: 2 x 2 weeks
Next start: 13 Sep 2015
Fees: £26,500
Location: London

Next programme dates:

  • 13-25 Sep 2015 and 1-13 Nov 2015*
  • 29 Nov - 11 Dec 2015 and 7-19 Feb 2016*
  • 03-15 Apr and 22 May - 03 Jun 2016*
  • 11-23 Sep and 30 Oct - 11 Nov 2016*
  • 27 Nov - 09 Dec 2016 and 22 Jan - 03 Feb 2017*

*Fees subject to annual review

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